Our first science project was completed last night! Fourth grade is going to be a lot tougher the second time around. This plant cell cookie took forever to make. My contribution is the labels. I also requested red mitochondrion. This better get an A.

Since I’m still exhausted from all of this learning, I’ll keep this short and go out by shamelessly plugging my Tumblr blog. Please have a look over at

Blogger is a place for serious writing and Tumblr is a more artistic counterpart. It’s more like building an online portfolio or scrapbook. I’m still learning the art of creating decent GIF’s. The fun about tumblr is the ease with which you can share posts and pictures. Also, you can easily follow multiple blogs. The entries here get imported automatically with a 24 to 36 hour delay.

Most of my enjoyment is coming from searching for stuff from my favorite shows and reblogging the good stuff I find. Here is a GIF I made and just posted from Frasier:


And that’s all for Wednesday.