Another 100 degree day today with another one coming tomorrow. So much for September bringing us any relief. We haven’t had a drop of rain here in about six weeks. I stopped mowing three weeks ago. I am officially sick of summer.

Lucky for me that it’s all about to change. The tropical storm that just formed south of New Orleans appears to have us in the bulls eye and will be making a visit here by Wednesday. It’s so large that the rain will start Sunday night and we’re looking at up to 10 inches of rain possible here once this thing is out of the area.


I’m not sure where all of this rain is going to go on ground that is hard as a rock. I have flashbacks to previous storms that tracked right over us like Hurricane Andrew that soaked us back in ‘92 and Katrina in 2005 that maintained a tropical storm status all the way to the Tennessee border and brought 50 to 60 mph wind gusts.


We need the rain and I guess that is all that matters. I’m also looking forward to the 30 degree temperature drop that will be coming in with all of this rain and wind. I’m sure our AC unit is also looking forward to a break.