No Sun Sunday


The rain has arrived but the extreme forecasts of five to ten inches will probably be over to the east of us. We’re still looking at 2 to 3 inches here and the rain will fall slowly and will linger all night tonight and all day tomorrow. It’s annoying but we do need it. We’re getting really tired of all of the dust and I am really tired of all of the allergy-related sinus issues thanks to the incredible amount of ragweed that has sprouted up this year.

So this has turned into another afternoon of being all pilled up on the couch. I bet I was up and down ten times last night – I could not get to sleep and when I did get to sleep, I could not stay asleep. This is a problem that is getting worse and worse. I want to blame it on getting older but I’m really not sure of the reason. I’ve really tried to watch the sugar intake and I’m being really careful to avoid coffee late in the day. I just don’t get it. I’m also running out of internet to surf at night so I’ve turned to pulling out the AM radio and trying to put myself to sleep listening to talk radio. Guess what – it’s not working! I ended up listening to WGN out of Chicago the other night for two hours.

To top off the rain and the lack of sleep, we’re also working on painting our youngest daughter’s room this week. We took a huge load of old stuff to the thrift store yesterday in preparation for moving everything around in her room and tomorrow we’ll be getting the spackle done. On Tuesday, the kids return to school and the paint goes on. The fun of owning a house is that there is ALWAYS something to be working on.

I need to get back to zoning out on the couch now.