On the road

First up, yes – I deleted the last two posts I wrote here. I went back and read them and realized that I was only writing about television shows because I wrote about them last year and the year before. Really, I had nothing to write about so I chose a topic that, frankly, blew. I don’t even watch that much tv and I couldn’t care less about what I wrote even as I wrote it. When writing is a chore, it’s time to step away and hit delete.

Of course, what I said about Castle being one of my favorite shows still stands.


I’m just hit a creative lull lately and that is sure coming through on the blog. I’m in between books and am completely unmotivated. I have big meetings I have to attend in Las Vegas starting today (I’m leaving for the airport in an hour) and I guess my mind has been on that for the last month or so. I’m not sure why these things stress me out but they do. A lot of the people at the meeting will be people I’ve only heard over the phone for the past three years and have never seen. That’s always tough – there’s the pressure to make a good first impression while still wanting to be honest in meetings and expressing the constructive ideas that need to be expressed to make things better. Let’s just say – there’s a need for that to happen. But, every company is the same so I can’t complain too much.

So, I am heading out to Las Vegas today and will return Saturday morning. I’m going from 75 degrees back to 100 degrees. It’s a short trip and there won’t even be enough time to adjust to the time zone difference.

Coffee is going to be my close friend.