Braces Tuesday

The day we’ve all been waiting for finally arrived. The orthodontists get to take another vacation or remodel the kitchen thanks to Sara getting her braces today.

braces small

Sara’s a bit younger than I was when I got mine and that’s a good thing – she’ll only have to have them for about 18 months. And she is out of school for fall break this week so she can mope around here complaining about the soreness instead of having to do it in the classroom.

It was also a rainy day today and it rained just enough for me to postpone mowing the yard again.


I’ll probably have to mow it tomorrow since I will have to put out all of the Halloween yard decorations and unpack the Fall stuff that I pulled out of the attic today. As much as the kids enjoy looking at decorations for two and a half months each year, it sure is a lot of work and it gets a little harder pulling down the heavy totes each year as I get older.

halloween totes

I started reading the first Richard Castle book on my Nook Touch today (so far, so good) and I even got caught up on some podcasts as we drove back and forth to the orthodontist (about 40 miles each way – it will be a really fun drive when the snowy weather arrives) and as I cleaned the house. So I am also getting a little “me time” in there as my last week of vacation for the year slowly goes by.