Commercial Truth

Every time I see this commercial, I can’t help but think of how the trajectory of life works out. She has all of this hope and promise and yet ends up being a pharmacist in a big box superstore. Yes, she might be the best educated person working in the superstore, but she’s still working in a superstore. She might drive a Mercedes but she still has to park it out front at Target and she still has to park out beyond the outer yellow line during the holidays because all the spaces up front are reserved for the customers.

This commercial is a true story. She really is a Target pharmacist.  Instead of being out there changing the world, she’s explaining the side effects of Cialis to a 70 year old man wearing a gold chain and smelling like Old Spice. Of course, the smell of the Old Spice is a nice change because it covers up the constant wafting odors of hot dogs from the snack bar.

Of course, Virginia might be a real-life Chuck. She might be a spy and this whole Target gig could be her cover. If not, at least she gets a killer employee discount.