Halloween 2011!

Today is the day I discovered Orange Tootsie Rolls. I wish I had not since I am now addicted. I’m afraid to even consider what a Tootsie Roll is made out of. It’s like McRibs – I’d rather not know since it would probably ruin it for me.

We were pumping out the Halloween jams (with a few snippets of classic John Kerry and George W. Bush quotes mixed in for good measure) for all of the neighborhood to hear thanks to my still awesome Windows ME Thinkpad. Vintage laptops forever!


We dressed up in our finest weird-wear and posed with our good buddy John Kerry, who is making his 8th annual appearance this year! He only comes out at Halloween and it’s a tradition that cannot be missed.


People actually took pictures of John Kerry peeking out the window at them this year. I thought people did this at every house. I know – I need to repaint the shutters. I’m a slacker.


Another spooooooky Halloween is in the books. Next stop – Turkey Day!