Happy Manday!


It’s Manday again so I’m bringing the fabulous Divine out of the archives to start out my entry today. There’s a story behind Manday but it’s one of those “you had to be there” stories that won’t make much sense if you weren’t.

Today was the first day back from vacation and it was crazy hectic. Also, I have no additional vacation scheduled for the rest of the year so that means all I have to get me through the rest of 2011 is binges at Baskin-Robbins and cups of coffee – lots of cups of coffee.

Hey! Let’s all get pneumonia!


I’m sitting here listening to a podcast through my earbuds because I am attempting to drown out Two Broke Girls. Every time I see the commercial proclaiming that this show is the #1 new comedy, I cringe. It is horrible but it appears that the majority of people who still watch tv do love horrible shows. Of course, maybe people are leaving the room between How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men. This show is just left on while they are folding clothes or taking dumps. And, compared to The Sing Off, Two Broke Girls starts looking like Masterpiece Theater.

At least Castle is on tonight. Thank goodness. I coffee’d up real good at supper so I will have enough caffeine to stay up until 10PM. I woke up around 5 this morning and could not get back to sleep. Maybe it was a huge case of the ‘going back to work’ dread. Coming back after vacation does remind me of how I felt on the morning before the first day of school.

Last and least, my iPod experiment is continuing nicely. I spent a lot of time away from the laptop over the weekend. I’m also slowly learning all of the ins and outs of iOS. I did spend a little time on the laptop setting up iTunes Home Sharing and it is phenomenal! No more moving files back and forth with flash drives! It is sheer genius! I send my sincere thanks to all of the unknown little people who have created this while working in the shadow of Steve Jobs.

Onward to Tuesday!