Thanks, Methheads and Big Pharma

Thanks for discontinuing the only allergy meds I have ever taken that has worked. I have been informed by my pharmacy that the last major distributor of Brompheniramine has ended production and I will no longer be able to get my pills.


Breathing is overrated. So, who is to blame for this? It depends on who you ask. In one corner, we have the meth makers (like you see on Breaking Bad). They are the reason that the government has cracked down on every decent antihistamine with decongestant and caused them to be jammed behind the counter where no one with an actual medical need can get to them without standing in a line and then overpaying.

Remember these pills? They worked also but they are no longer distributed in the US. We have to drive to Canada for these now. Thanks, meth makers of America!


In the other corner we have big pharma. The pharmaceutical companies want us to buy their patented items like Allegra and Claritin (which don’t work as well) so they have taken the cheaper (and better) products off of the market. It’s a great way to line their pockets while we are sneezing our heads off.

So, I’m going to enjoy my last two and a half weeks of pills and then I guess I will move to Antarctica where there are no allergies or meth making penguins.