Today is Thanksgiving in Canada and I am off this week here in the US just by sheer coincidence. I took a week of vacation for fall break and because Sara is getting her braces this week.

Roast for Thanksgiving? I think I’ll pass.


I normally don’t take today off because I enjoy the days that our Canadian office is closed because that means a good catch up/get organized/purge things day for me. Canadian Thanksgiving marks the first big holiday at work and our descent into the run of holidays during which I have yard decorations up for over two months.

I’ll be heading up into the attic this week to get our Halloween decorations and it will be way too hot to be up in the attic as usual. It’s weird how summer here seems to last into October. It’s hard to get in the holiday spirit when it is 90 degrees.

I would write about what we did all weekend but it is a blur of running from one place to another. I know there was a trip to Walmart in there somewhere because I had enough food here to fix breakfast this morning. I’m hoping that there will be time to rest a bit this week in between the yard decorating and trying to keep the kids entertained.