Ugh-ly Day

I could not “get in the groove” today. I barely slept last night and have no idea why. I vaguely remember watching tv and goofing around on the internet at 3AM. I also ate something but can’t remember what. So, now I am tired and wanting to go to bed but I know that I will go back there tonight and not be able to sleep. It’s funny how that happens.

Oh – the ugh-ly day? That was caused by our early sneak peek preview of winter that arrived last night. It looks like this now:


And, it’s cold and rainy. It’s an early start for the cloudy season and I hope it doesn’t stick around for long. I remember whole weeks last winter where there was not a peek of sunshine. Hopefully, our relief will come on Friday.

Finally, I bought a new end table from my preferred source of ultra-cheap furniture, Freds.


I needed something small and functional to sit between two chairs and this worked perfectly. The best part was that it was just $15. Of course, it looks like a $15 table. I won’t be in Architectural Digest any time soon so I’m not too worried about it. And, the Chinese craftsman who created this beauty slapped this interesting warning sticker underneath:



To top off my day, I burned my hand on the stove while preparing the evening cuisine: fish sticks and french fries.