A barn, not a drive thru

I’m about to get on a conference call this morning when I get a call from an insurance agent telling me that one of his clients has turned the storage barn at our church into a drive thru. Oddly enough, the driver had the same insurance as the church, was covered for property damage, and was not injured. The barn did not fare as well as the driver.


I’m thinking our hoarding over the years may have saved the guy from injury. He was unable to make it through the whole barn since he ran into all of our junk. I’m thinking the thing would have collapsed on him if he had pushed the back out. This shows that hoarding may be good for us in odd and rare circumstances.


I’m standing up by the road for this one. That barn is pretty far away. You would think he would have stopped or missed a gigantic barn. It was 4AM and nothing good happens at 4AM.

The rain is coming tonight so we’ll soon have a pile of wet junk to deal with.

In other news, I spent most of the weekend watching my new Hulu obsession, Doc Martin. It has the small town quirkiness of Corner Gas. I highly recommend it. I’m in season two right now.

Finally, the rain is fast approaching. If you believe the weather experts, we’re in for a couple of really soggy days. They’ve missed most of the rain predications lately so who knows what will really happen. It was almost 80 degrees today and I am starting to get tired of the ups and downs. Can’t we just have a nice run of the mid-60’s for the next, oh, four months?