Good song, weird video: “Hearts” by Marty ‘MacGruber’ Balin

I’ve been hearing “Hearts” again on the radio lately. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because it is 30 years old this year. I’ve always liked the song but I never knew much about Marty Balin other than that he was a member of Jefferson Airplane at one time.

I had also never seen the video for “Hearts” until I decided to write about the song and started looking around YouTube for it. That is when I discovered that Marty Balin just might be MacGruber or MacGruber’s father.


At the very least, Marty Balin looks a lot like Will Forte.


The video is absolutely horrible in a most hilarious way.


At the start, I got the impression that Marty did something completely inappropriate with his guitar that is illegal in most states.


The video ends with a terribly funny “fantasy” scene that seems to have inspired every movie they show late at night on Cinemax. It is also mixed with footage of a speedboat which the director seems to imply is an inappropriate metaphor for “getting’ busy” with the musical instrument that you are pretending is your long lost lover. It also reminds me of the episode of Miami Vice Season One when Crockett and Tubbs got Calderone.


I was hard for me to concentrate since I keep expecting someone to yell “What do we do, Macgruber!?!”


It might be best if you just listen to the song and keep your eyes shut because this video could ruin “Hearts” for you forever. I know that I’m going to look funny standing in the mall laughing the next time I hear this song over the intercom.