Better Homes and Gardens mag tries to use the environment to guilt us into renewing 8 months early


I have always been annoyed with the newspaper throwing out a weekly “free” version when we don’t subscribe and the local Avon lady sticking a catalog on our mailbox and every mailbox in the neighborhood. It’s littering and it’s a huge waste of paper.

Even with all of that, I’ve never had a company try to use “environmental guilt” to force me into buying a product.

You’ve got to hand it to the marketing team of Better Homes and Gardens. They want us to renew now (our subscription is good until August 2012) and they urge us to do so by reminding us about the trees that will be cut down for the paper needed to print the renewal reminders. Never mind all of the trees cut down to print their magazine every month (even though their magazine is printed on paper so thin that you could use it as a coffee filter).

If we don’t renew, this letter gives me the impression that they will continue to destroy trees and will continue to harass us with reminders.

We got our subscription for free. They can annoy us all they want with their “renewal reminders”. They can cut down an entire forest trying to get us to renew. It won’t do any good.

The only good that their letter did was making us feel “environmentally guilty” for getting their magazine every month so we’ll have to let it go come August. Then, they can save a few trees on our behalf.