I write about a lamp and a vacuum because I am sadly domesticated

I recently acquired two pretty good items so I am going to dedicate this entry to sharing my good buys.

First, I finally found a decent light for my impromptu home laptop nook which is actually “hiding” in a corner of my living room behind our recliner. It is the V-Light Architect Clamp Lamp. I got it at Office Max for $15.99. For some reason you can buy it at their website here for $1 cheaper but you will pay shipping on top of the tax.

It also comes with one of those new Al Gore lightbulbs. These are the only ones we’ll legally be allowed to buy soon. Surprisingly, this one comes right on and is plenty bright. It’s not like the ones in our bathroom where they act like old gym lights warming up.


I had to move my home laptop over here since the Christmas tree is now up in my “spot” in the living room. I know it seems silly to have two computers set up in different parts of the house but I try to avoid my work desk at night so I keep my blog and all my stuff on my trusty old Gateway laptop.

Second, I acquired a Dirt Devil Extreme Power Hand Vac. It’s available at Amazon.com for $40.54. It’s the best hand vac I have ever had and I’ve had quite a few Dustbusters over the years. They don’t seem to last more than a couple of years and they are not nearly as good as this Dirt Devil.

The best feature, since I am sadly totally domesticated at this point in my life, is the flip down nozzle. They call it the “crevice tool”.


I use it to get the corners of the carpet and when I sweep the kitchen and bathrooms. And, it has a three year warranty! That’s pretty amazing in the world of 90 day warranties that we live in.

Finally, I’m glad I didn’t drive to my hometown this morning (I am actually going over there tomorrow morning for my day off). They had a wreck in the ice fog this morning that involved 170 cars and one fatality. I’m amazed more people weren’t killed after seeing the video from the scene.

The worse part of winter around here is the ice and ice season has definitely started early this year.