Monday Monday


The pre-Christmas prep is in high gear now. And, all of the people at work are scurrying to fill up my 2012 calendar with conference calls before they head out on vacation. I never take vacation at Christmas. I enjoy all of the peace and quite that occurs when everyone else is off.

I de-cluttered the living room today. I had let all kinds of junk creep back in over the last month. Once the Christmas stuff goes up, clutter seems to covertly follow. In the last 4 days I have “reset” the living room and both of the kids rooms and I ended up filling the garbage can to the brim and making an unplanned trip to the thrift store. It feels good to get rid of stuff and I’m trying to not think about the new stuff that will be unwrapped this weekend.

We’re at the verge of another two days of pouring rain. We’ve been having a second spring here for the last week or so and the grass is growing out of control. I keep thinking about mowing it but I know that the 10 and 15 degree nights will sneak up on us and kill all of that grass anyway. Mother Nature is helping me stay lazy.

Just three more days until my four day weekend……