Relapse Wednesday and Bad Christmas Songs!

We ended up back at the doctors office last night to get Sara’s positive (again!) strep test. She finished antibiotics on Tuesday and ends up back on antibiotics yesterday. It’s the Christmas gift that just won’t go away! It appears to be very minor so we should all be back to normal and waiting for the next surprise infection soon.


Christmas continues to approach and there is no slowing it down. Work is finally slowing down just a little bit and that is a good thing. I thought this would be a quiet week and I was very, very wrong. It’s also pouring down rain here so we continue to be trapped in this odd spring-like weather cycle. The grass continues to grow and the weather is staying fairly warm. It may be Christmas but it feels like March!

In the important category of Christmas music news, MSNBC has posted 11 Christmas Songs We Hope Never to Hear Again.

I agree with most of them. I don’t see the offense in “Last Christmas” by Wham! We should give mad props to George Michael for writing a new (at the time) Christmas song that has actually become a modern Christmas classic. I think the Taylor Swift version is pretty cool and it’s always good for George to keep getting nickels piled into his legal defense fund.

I also don’t understand “Wonderful Christmas Time” by Paul McCartney being on the Christmas poo-poo list. “Overproduced, strangled-by-synthesizer mess”? It was 1979!!!! Just about everything sounded like this in 1979! At least it’s not Christmas disco. And, just like George, Paul wrote a new (at the time) Christmas classic! That’s pretty hard to pull off since most Christmas artists are still competing with the ghosts of Christmas past like Nat King Cole and Bing Crosby.

I guess we all can’t record classics like Gayla Peevey did.