The Monday that I reluctantly invested in two dog prisons

Last night will be remembered as “Poopfest 2011”. Our two dogs decided to throw their own dookie party all over the bedroom. Last night will also be remembered as “The Last Straw” in my war against dog whiz and dog logs.

We’ve been fighting this war ever since our newest dog, Devil Sadie, became a member of our home. Alex was always pretty good about going out. Sadie is also trained but will randomly decided to go against her training and then Alex must instinctively mark her territory. This typically happens in our bedroom where they are gated in with us at night. They love to use my home office area as their personal commode. Oddly this only happens every 4 weeks or so. We’ll go through with no accidents at all until all of a sudden the carpet cleaner has to come back out for some action.

The dogs have also taken over our bed. They must stay warm and we are huge human pillows that they love to lay on.

Enough is enough.

I finally invested in two dog prisons. These are where they will now be sleeping at night.


I am hugely reluctant to do this. I really don’t like it but I see no choice anymore. I really don’t like the idea of having to cage our dogs at night but they also love to get me up at different times half the night and I can’t keep getting up at 12AM and 2AM and 4AM when each one has a whim to finally wake me up.

Of course, maybe the accidents are happening when they can’t (or won’t) wake me up. I don’t know. We discussed a dog door but Sadie is a digger and she loves rolling around in wet grass and mud for some reason. I can’t have Pigpen the dog coming back and forth in and out of the house at will.

I guess only time will tell how long until I can’t handle the guilt anymore and finally give the dogs parole.