Zicam Sunday

Birthday Friday morphed into Birthday Party Saturday.


We had her party at the movies and we saw “The Muppets”. It was pretty good – it was a nice tribute to the original show that was on television when I was much younger. There were tons of cameos in the movie also.

They also showed a new “Toy Story” short before the movie. It was hilarious. The last “Toy Story” movie was such a downer. The new short was just plain funny and makes me hope that there will be another movie. In this one, we meet all sorts of abandoned fast food kids meal toys including T-Bone the Transforming Steak. A short clip is below:

It’s worth seeing just for the horrible chicken fast food creations that are shown during the ending credits. There are some crazy people at Pixar.

So, we got through most of the day before the world’s worst restaurant experience. We waited FOREVER for food. The place was freezing. My toes were numb when we left. Then, we went to Target at 9PM like nuts. It was at Target that Sara started complaining about a sore throat and being hot. We went home and she had no fever but still the sore throat.

That leads us to Zicam Sunday. Sara and Lindsay both woke up puny this morning and we went right to the clinic and they both won the prize of positive strep tests! So, they are on the antibiotics.

And, my lousy headache and congestion and random sneezing fits have continued so I am taking Zicam hoping that I am not the next one being swabbed.

I guess only time will tell.

Here’s the most recent Elf on the Shelf mischief to close this one out.