Sunless Sunday

Another typical Sunday here. We started with a fast food breakfast (McDonalds). We went to church. We had lunch. We came home and lazied around for a while. I clipped coupons. I emptied the dishwasher. I continued to play with my new gadget, the Dell Streak 7, and admired its new red case. I think I finally figured out while it has been eating battery power all night while it “sleeps”.

streak and case

Our youngest daughter started feeling puny so I stayed home from evening church to give her more time to rest. We’re both starting to get colds. It’s probably the wonderful weather (warm/wet/cold/dry/repeat) that is getting us.

I read some work emails. We ate Chinese for supper. I did not watch the news because I didn’t want to have a news-induced freak-out that I would then have to blog about. I did not watch football because it’s over for the Titans and I really could care less about the rest of the teams still playing. I did listen to some podcasts and I even read some.

That was Sunless Sunday. Tomorrow is No Fun Monday. Boooooooooo.