The Weekend in Pictures

We still have a lot of coughing going on in this house as the upper respiratory crud is continuing to make the rounds. Everyone seems to be getting better but the progress is very slow. It’s annoyingly slow. At least we’re not having an upchuck fest like these people in Canada. I think I had a sympathetic stomach ache just reading about it.

The weekend for the kids started on Friday due to our massive blizzard that came in Thursday afternoon. Watch this video to relive the horror of the 1/2 inch of snow we got that closed down all of the schools and totally gridlocked all traffic.

Here is the pic from Friday night. I think we were on the way to Chili’s. It was o.k., average, whatever. I would have preferred Waffle House.


I drove over to see my parents on Saturday. Check out all of the salt still on the roads!


I got back home to find my pre-ordered copy of John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars had finally arrived! I follow John Green on Twitter and Tumblr and I kept reading all of these incredible reviews of this book so I had to order it. I just started reading it today so I’ll post a quick review when I am done.


John Green signed 150,000 preorders yet Walmart managed to get rare unsigned copies and sent me one! Am I special or what?!?


I guess I could return it to Walmart for a signed copy (they had some left a couple of days ago) but I’m just going to suck it up and keep my ultra-rare unsigned copy.

And, yes, you might think I am a bit old to be reading young adult but John Green is nothing like the little bit of young adult I read growing up. Remember I Am The Cheese or A Separate Peace? The Young Adult category is nothing like that now. The big plus is that this will get handed down to the kids when they are old enough to read it.

That leads us to Saturday night and another picture. It was still pretty windy when I took this one.


Now it is Sunday and we weren’t worth two dollars today. Driving west in the afternoon is no fun at all.


For some reason, I felt the need to commemorate mile 143,538 in the amazing Ford Contour.


That’s my weekend. I’m watching some Golden Globes now. Everyone but me is off tomorrow so I am quite jealous. There is a nice grocery list for them to deal with tomorrow so at least they will be tortured a little. That makes me feel better.