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Blog Vacation!

I am off from work for the next two glorious days. That means that I will be doing absolutely nothing productive through Monday and that includes updating this blog.


Yep, that pretty much explains it all right there.

Allergy Attack Saturday

I could have marched in Portandia’s Allergy Pride Parade today. I’m not sure what happened. I woke up just a little congested. By 11AM, I was having a full blown allergy attack – watery and burning eyes, burning nose, atomic sneezes – I had ALL of it.

After some Benadryl and Advil Congestion Relief, I finally got it under control. Of course, this was after I sneezed my way through lunch and a trip to Walmart.

From the department of “I must use as many coupons as possible because I have little other excitement I my life”,we got to the checkout at Walmart and I realized that we only had one box of Orville Redenbacher’s Ultimate Butter Pop-Up Bowl Popcorn and I needed two for my 75 cent coupon! I then decided to send Sara on a mission – run across the entire store – knock down old people if that is what it takes – but get that popcorn. I turned into one of those people who shrug and make the people behind me wait while they want to kill me.

She ran quite fast. I got my 75 cents off.

Something is wrong with me.

A brief taste of summer

Ahhhh – the sunshine and the breeze made for day that was more like early May than late February. I still have the windows open and the fresh air blowing in. Also, the kids are outside so the TV is off and I’m streaming some Lawrence Welk radio via iheartradio. You just can’t feel bad when you’re listening to the oldies! It’s like I’m sitting in a Chick-Fil-A!!
Too bad it will be 40-something tomorrow and we’ll be back to reality.
What a week. I think things couldn’t get more hectic and then it goes up a notch. I’m thinking of taking a couple of days off next week just to try to get some sanity back. I also haven’t had a real day off in months since most of my days off center around the kids. That’s fine and all but I would really like to sit here in complete silence for a while with no one asking me to get down the potato chips and no phone ringing and no emails buzzing.
Tomorrow is Friday and I have a completely open day on my work calendar. There are no conference calls! Funny how that lulls you into thinking you might actually accomplish something without interruptions. I’m not going to bet on anything other than the typical chaos to end the week.
I guess it’s now time to huddle around the television and see if the storms that are supposed to end humanity as we know it are really coming. Two of our stations are now in a battle of who has the most powerful weather radar. It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. The radar is only as good as the person reading it! Five radars, six radars – who cares! Just tell me what it’s going to do and then get off the screen so I can watch Wheel of Fortune!

The only snowman of winter?

This might be it for this winter….


Our chance of two to three inches of snow quickly melted away and we’re back up in the 60’s by Tuesday.

snow cam

I returned from Knoxville Friday with a nasty cold and spent most of yesterday on the couch in a medicine daze. I didn’t plan on watching the four hour long Whitney Houston funeral but I did. I guess I expected them to lift her up on a pedestal and make all sorts of excuses for her downfall but that is not what happened. They were quite honest and I thought they used the service as a way to warn others struggling with addiction or who knows what that this could end up being their fate also. Here’s a moment that I thought was particularly worth sharing:

Of course, it wasn’t long after this moment that I fell asleep on the couch. I also slept two hours in the middle of the day today and that’s quite unusual for me. Maybe I’ll sleep off the rest of this cold tonight because tomorrow is a holiday for many but I will be back at work!

Ate too much, drank too much coffee


It wasn’t nearly as foggy as they said it would be.


I ate a breakfast burger. It was awesome but I am sure I will need to buy elastic waistband pants for the rest of my life if I make eating like this a habit.


I came back to the hotel after dinner and called and complained because my air conditioning would not turn on. They explained that it was too cold for it to come on since it is 49 degrees outside. I told them they were silly and it was my choice to freeze for the amount of money I am paying.

So, I have it running on vent full blast. It’s still not cold enough in here but I will manage somehow.

More meetings tomorrow – home Friday.

Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day so I’m home watching Cougar Town. It’s exactly like the Valentine’s Days I spent in high school except that back then I was probably watching Cheers or Perfect Strangers.

We stayed in because we went out on Friday instead. You can’t do much when you have kids and it’s a school night. We saw “The Vow” which was OK. It was a little frustrating at times but over all it was a decent story. I also can’t think of a Rachel McAdams movie I have ever seen that doesn’t feature her in skimpy underthings. Too bad they don’t hand out Oscars for that.

I have to drive east tomorrow for three days of meetings so it just has to be super foggy.


I think I’m all packed and ready. If I’m not, there is always Wal-mart. I spend less and less time packing and more and more time fretting over what I am forgetting.

There might be some blog silence while I am out of town. I’ve been trying not to turn on the laptop when I get back to the hotel at night. It’s part of my big plan to separate work and life a bit more this year. It’s the same reason that I have been working hard to not eat lunch at the computer. It’s the little things that will help me preserve my sanity – I hope.

Alex gets a haircut

Alex the Dog got all done up at the salon today and looks normal again.


This was the highlight of my day. I’m slowly preparing myself for three days of meetings at the office to end off the week. I packed up the coffee maker today. I always make the coffee at meetings because no one else makes the coffee strong enough and it takes a lot of coffee to get through 8 or 9 hours of this and that and the other.

Tomorrow I’ll pick out three unimpressive outfits. Let’s just call it “functional fashion”. When you work at a home office, you buy clothes for comfort and not for appearance.

Other than that, there is nothing else exciting happening. We’re waiting to see if our snow/ice makes it in here. It looks like we’re going to be missed but you never really know around here.


Whitney Houston

My first thought on hearing about the death of Whitney Houston was what a waste. Her loss is a huge loss for music but we actually lost her quite a long time ago. Watching her decline was just a tragedy and I wonder why others don’t learn from these incredibly public examples of how addiction totally destroys someone.

I keep hearing a lot of people comparing her death to the death of Amy Winehouse. Sure, the death is probably quite similar but Whitney Houston was one of a kind. When her first album came out in ‘85, people were amazed at her voice. But what was really stunning is that she kept getting better and better. 

Many may disagree with me but I think this loss is bigger than the loss of Michael Jackson.

Her death is a sad lesson for us all but her talent will live on.

Here is my favorite Whitney song. I keep it on all my favorite playlists because I never get tired of it. This song along with Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It” are perfect mid-80’s songs.

Where does my irrational fear of dentists come from?

I’m thinking it started with seeing this at a young age.

I do now go to the dentist every six months. I realized I couldn’t expect my kids to go and not go myself. I just didn’t go for a decade or so due to my irrational fear. For the record – I have never had a cavity. All hail the power of Listerine, Reach floss, and Colgate!

Still, I sometimes wish I was a little more like Ron Swanson.

Don’t even get me started on my irrational fear of eye doctors. I have to make an appointment very soon before my glasses completely fall apart and just the thought of them getting anywhere near my eyeball gives me the heebie-jeebies.


Not much to report today. Work was crazy busy again. The last two weeks have been nuts. I was hoping that this week would back off just a bit but so far it’s not happening.

I’m still bummed over the sudden passing of one of my favorite DJ’s, David Hall, from Lightning 100. Lightning 100 started broadcasting in June of 1990 right before the start of my senior year in high school and it immediately had an impact on the type of music that I was listening to. Instead of just hearing top 40 music, I suddenly had a new outlet for all sorts of discoveries. Remember – there was no internet back then so you really only heard new music on the radio.

Here are two of the countless great songs that Lightning 100 introduced me to:

Listening to Dada makes me think of all the drives we took to Tower Records down on West End looking for cassettes because we were all far too cheap/poor to have CD players in our cars back then. Those were good times.

Lastly, I’ve added a page for my new wireless web cam. Click here to see all of the excitement. It won’t always be on (especially at night since all you will see is darkness) but I’ll do my best to provide some entertainment from time to time.

I Order at Taco Bell

Enjoy this video that is really nothing but audio of me ordering food at Taco Bell. This ended up being the highlight of my whole week and that should tell you exactly how my week was.

I can’t wait to take my recorder with me the next time I return something at Walmart or I need to renew my drivers license! I’m sure another painful, I mean awesome, video will be produced.

Punxsutawney Phil predicts….

I am an internet-enabled freak. I gathered the family around the PC this morning and we watched the groundhog make his “prediction” live. I’ve never watched this happen live. Maybe it’s my fear of being sucked in to repeating this day over and over like Bill Murray.

groundhog day

I’m not sure what is stranger – watching a furry rodent speak “groundhogese” to a man in a top hat or watching multiple men in top hats being introduced with weird nicknames like “The Big Windmaker” and “Stump Warden”.

Groundhogs do look like cute pets but Doug Schwartz, a zookeeper and groundhog trainer at the Staten Island Zoo, is quoted on Wikipedia as saying " [Their] natural impulse is to kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out. You have to work to produce the sweet and cuddly.” Sounds fun, right?


I don’t know if I should believe the rodent or the weather people. We’ve had 60 degree weather here for a week and the flowers are starting to come up. I put up my garage heater last week because it’s just been in the way. The “official” prediction is for an early spring here. I hope they are right!


30 years of watching David Letterman

I must end my small blog sabbatical to mark a milestone in my life. As unbelievable as it is that I am old enough to be doing anything for 30 years, I have been watching David Letterman for that long. Yes, Dave caused me many half-asleep mornings in school since I had quite the habit of sneaking back up at 11:30PM and heading to the living room to watch Letterman through most of my formative years. My very average high school GPA reflects this terrible habit. Luckily, the skills of sarcasm and weird, twisted humor that I learned from Dave have served me much better than anything I could have learned from grade 3 on up if I had been awake.

Here is one of the few things that I have kept for years and years – my first edition copy of “Late Night with David Letterman : The Book”!


Here is the back cover:


Here is a newspaper clipping I have inside my book. Sure, other people idolized movie stars and football players. Not me.


Finally, here is a clipping from TV Guide for Dave’s 5th anniversary special: