30 years of watching David Letterman

I must end my small blog sabbatical to mark a milestone in my life. As unbelievable as it is that I am old enough to be doing anything for 30 years, I have been watching David Letterman for that long. Yes, Dave caused me many half-asleep mornings in school since I had quite the habit of sneaking back up at 11:30PM and heading to the living room to watch Letterman through most of my formative years. My very average high school GPA reflects this terrible habit. Luckily, the skills of sarcasm and weird, twisted humor that I learned from Dave have served me much better than anything I could have learned from grade 3 on up if I had been awake.

Here is one of the few things that I have kept for years and years – my first edition copy of “Late Night with David Letterman : The Book”!


Here is the back cover:


Here is a newspaper clipping I have inside my book. Sure, other people idolized movie stars and football players. Not me.


Finally, here is a clipping from TV Guide for Dave’s 5th anniversary special: