Allergy Attack Saturday

I could have marched in Portandia’s Allergy Pride Parade today. I’m not sure what happened. I woke up just a little congested. By 11AM, I was having a full blown allergy attack – watery and burning eyes, burning nose, atomic sneezes – I had ALL of it.

After some Benadryl and Advil Congestion Relief, I finally got it under control. Of course, this was after I sneezed my way through lunch and a trip to Walmart.

From the department of “I must use as many coupons as possible because I have little other excitement I my life”,we got to the checkout at Walmart and I realized that we only had one box of Orville Redenbacher’s Ultimate Butter Pop-Up Bowl Popcorn and I needed two for my 75 cent coupon! I then decided to send Sara on a mission – run across the entire store – knock down old people if that is what it takes – but get that popcorn. I turned into one of those people who shrug and make the people behind me wait while they want to kill me.

She ran quite fast. I got my 75 cents off.

Something is wrong with me.