Not much to report today. Work was crazy busy again. The last two weeks have been nuts. I was hoping that this week would back off just a bit but so far it’s not happening.

I’m still bummed over the sudden passing of one of my favorite DJ’s, David Hall, from Lightning 100. Lightning 100 started broadcasting in June of 1990 right before the start of my senior year in high school and it immediately had an impact on the type of music that I was listening to. Instead of just hearing top 40 music, I suddenly had a new outlet for all sorts of discoveries. Remember – there was no internet back then so you really only heard new music on the radio.

Here are two of the countless great songs that Lightning 100 introduced me to:

Listening to Dada makes me think of all the drives we took to Tower Records down on West End looking for cassettes because we were all far too cheap/poor to have CD players in our cars back then. Those were good times.

Lastly, I’ve added a page for my new wireless web cam. Click here to see all of the excitement. It won’t always be on (especially at night since all you will see is darkness) but I’ll do my best to provide some entertainment from time to time.