Punxsutawney Phil predicts….

I am an internet-enabled freak. I gathered the family around the PC this morning and we watched the groundhog make his “prediction” live. I’ve never watched this happen live. Maybe it’s my fear of being sucked in to repeating this day over and over like Bill Murray.

groundhog day

I’m not sure what is stranger – watching a furry rodent speak “groundhogese” to a man in a top hat or watching multiple men in top hats being introduced with weird nicknames like “The Big Windmaker” and “Stump Warden”.

Groundhogs do look like cute pets but Doug Schwartz, a zookeeper and groundhog trainer at the Staten Island Zoo, is quoted on Wikipedia as saying " [Their] natural impulse is to kill ’em all and let God sort ’em out. You have to work to produce the sweet and cuddly.” Sounds fun, right?


I don’t know if I should believe the rodent or the weather people. We’ve had 60 degree weather here for a week and the flowers are starting to come up. I put up my garage heater last week because it’s just been in the way. The “official” prediction is for an early spring here. I hope they are right!