The only snowman of winter?

This might be it for this winter….


Our chance of two to three inches of snow quickly melted away and we’re back up in the 60’s by Tuesday.

snow cam

I returned from Knoxville Friday with a nasty cold and spent most of yesterday on the couch in a medicine daze. I didn’t plan on watching the four hour long Whitney Houston funeral but I did. I guess I expected them to lift her up on a pedestal and make all sorts of excuses for her downfall but that is not what happened. They were quite honest and I thought they used the service as a way to warn others struggling with addiction or who knows what that this could end up being their fate also. Here’s a moment that I thought was particularly worth sharing:

Of course, it wasn’t long after this moment that I fell asleep on the couch. I also slept two hours in the middle of the day today and that’s quite unusual for me. Maybe I’ll sleep off the rest of this cold tonight because tomorrow is a holiday for many but I will be back at work!