Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day so I’m home watching Cougar Town. It’s exactly like the Valentine’s Days I spent in high school except that back then I was probably watching Cheers or Perfect Strangers.

We stayed in because we went out on Friday instead. You can’t do much when you have kids and it’s a school night. We saw “The Vow” which was OK. It was a little frustrating at times but over all it was a decent story. I also can’t think of a Rachel McAdams movie I have ever seen that doesn’t feature her in skimpy underthings. Too bad they don’t hand out Oscars for that.

I have to drive east tomorrow for three days of meetings so it just has to be super foggy.


I think I’m all packed and ready. If I’m not, there is always Wal-mart. I spend less and less time packing and more and more time fretting over what I am forgetting.

There might be some blog silence while I am out of town. I’ve been trying not to turn on the laptop when I get back to the hotel at night. It’s part of my big plan to separate work and life a bit more this year. It’s the same reason that I have been working hard to not eat lunch at the computer. It’s the little things that will help me preserve my sanity – I hope.