Whitney Houston

My first thought on hearing about the death of Whitney Houston was what a waste. Her loss is a huge loss for music but we actually lost her quite a long time ago. Watching her decline was just a tragedy and I wonder why others don’t learn from these incredibly public examples of how addiction totally destroys someone.

I keep hearing a lot of people comparing her death to the death of Amy Winehouse. Sure, the death is probably quite similar but Whitney Houston was one of a kind. When her first album came out in ‘85, people were amazed at her voice. But what was really stunning is that she kept getting better and better. 

Many may disagree with me but I think this loss is bigger than the loss of Michael Jackson.

Her death is a sad lesson for us all but her talent will live on.

Here is my favorite Whitney song. I keep it on all my favorite playlists because I never get tired of it. This song along with Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got to Do with It” are perfect mid-80’s songs.