Garden Gnomes and Insurance Claims

I can’t believe that it is already Wednesday. I was off from work on Monday and Tuesday and those days flew by.

On Saturday, I got behind these goobers.

Yes, these people have a concrete garden gnome in their back window. I would hate to be in that car or anywhere near that car in a wreck since that is a 25 pound (at least) projectile just waiting to be the first gnome astronaut.

On Monday, I got my latest eye exam. Needless to say, I can’t see ANY of the letters on this chart without my glasses. I have the E memorized so that’s just cheating.
There was no new news there – my prescription (my eyes are 20/500 on the 20/20 visual acuity test) has not changed in almost 10 years. This is a good thing because I can’t imagine them getting worse. With glasses, I am actually a tad better than 20/20 but even the thinnest lenses I buy have the look of Coke bottles along the edges. I have been a full time glasses wearer since 1980, so I am used to it. My new glasses will be in sometime in early April and I picked a slightly more modern look. They are also a bit lighter colored so they will blend in nicely with the white hairs slowly sprouting out on my head.

What I don’t get used to is the pressure test and the eye numbing drops and all of that. I can’t stand things touching my eye. It gives me the heebie jeebies every time. Just writing about this makes my eyes burn. Speaking of eyes burning, the pollen count here is over 300 so mowing the yard Monday was pure misery.
Yesterday was dentist time for the kids. Everything looked good there but then I had to go to Walmart and that just ruins a day off. They get slower and slower in there and the lines get longer and longer. I’m just not sure what to do about it since they are the closest and cheapest store in town. They’ve got us right by the coupons!

I also scheduled my first appointment with a contractor now that my insurance agent has turned in the report on all of my storm damage – a new roof, new siding, etc. It’s amazing what ten minutes of hail and 60 mph winds can do to a house. What I don’t look forward to is our home being turned into a scene out of The Money Pit for the next few months while all of this is fixed.

In other news, I listened to the “Retraction” episode of This American Life twice through because Mike Daisey was just so unbelievably cocky and non-apologetic that I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I’ve listened to This American Life for a long time and I’m pretty surprised that all of this happened. Something did seem fishy about the original episode Mike Daisey was on back in January. You can read how I summed up my thoughts on Mike Daisey earlier today in a comment on one of my favorite blogs, Herculodge.

Now that we’re almost through hump day, I’m just hoping that we’ll slide quickly down into the weekend.