It took me five days to watch Desperately Seeking Susan

I first saw Desperately Seeking Susan in the theater way back in the summer of ‘85 and my only memories of the movie were that it was a bit dark and a bit weird. I was flipping through channels last weekend and it was about to start so I thought I would give it another shot.


I watched the first 30 minutes, had stuff to do, and taped (or DVR’d – as the kids call it these days) the rest. I tried going back to it every night since and just couldn’t get into it enough to keep with it. I finally finished it tonight. It’s not really that bad – it’s just weird. Why would Roberta basically stalk someone simply based on an ad in the personals? Are there people out there using Craigslist to do that today? Was being married to the hot tub king of New York so bad that she needed to switch lives with Madonna? Talk about falling far from the perch.

And, DSS is not even a typical 80’s movie with typical 80’s stuff in it to make you reminisce about the 80’s. You’ll need to watch Valley Girl or Fast Times at Ridgemont High if you’re looking for that.
At least I don’t have to try to remember what this movie was about anymore. I finally got it out of my system. Maybe in another 27 years I’ll forget about it and watch it all over again.