Mow-day Monday


All the Benadryl in the world can’t fix my nose and eyes right now. I spent my evening not only mowing the yard but also taking down the tore up trampoline and swing set. Both of those items were falling apart prior to the hail so the hail really just dealt the last blow. The kids hadn’t played on the swing set for quite a long time. They are just getting too old for that stuff – another milestone has been passed! Of course, they are begging for a new trampoline but that won’t happen until all of the repairs have been made to the house.
For now, I’m just happy to have all of my yard completely opened up. I can mow without moving that heavy trampoline. I can run around the yard in circles yelling if I want to and nothing will be in the way! Tomorrow I will have to make a run to the dump to get rid of all of the metal pieces.

That’s it. My only plan for the rest of the night involves sniffing and sneezing.
stow it