April showers bring May 100 degree heat and deadly Africanized Honey Bees

The title to this one is only partially accurate. It may be only 90 degrees so far, but the real heat is on the way. I can feel it coming. But, click here if you think I am joking about the deadly Africanized Honey Bees.
Another weekend flew by and now we’re all back to the grind. April came and went pretty fast. I think the months really do go back quicker as you get older. Or, maybe we spend so much time wishing Monday-Thursday would fly by that we wish our whole lives away. I’ll try to consider how I can slow down and just enjoy Tuesday – conference calls and all. If I figure out how to do that, I’ll let you know.

All of our television shows are coming to an end for the summer. I’m kind of glad. I like drifting through the weeks with nothing to watch. I get so far behind on the DVR that it becomes a burden to try and catch up. I did sign up for Netflix and I got one of those Roku boxes so we can spend some of the free time this summer watching all the television we’ve missed. I’ve been catching up on Mad Men. I just started watching Mad Men so now I have to go back and catch the first four seasons. As usual, I’m a late adopter. I’m not sure what’s new and popular now but in three years I’m sure that I’ll hear about it and jump on board.


Ugh – I forgot to silence my phone and now work emails are popping in there. There is always someone, somewhere in the company checking email and sending something. I wonder if some of them ever sleep. I barely do, so I guess I know the answer to that question.

I dread going to bed. Yes, I’m tired but I am more and more inclined to lie awake no matter how tired I am when my head hits the pillow. I guess this is another exciting part of getting older. Also, I seem to wake up at 4AM every morning and barely get back to sleep in time for the alarm to go off. I’m not sure where I have picked up that habit. Sometimes I am tempted to just go ahead and get in the shower at 4AM and then start responding to emails so other people will wonder if I ever sleep.

That’s it for April. Onward to May.