Free Stern Looks Available Here

I made it to my consultation with the ENT about my new problem – my new cyst that needs to be removed. I can’t even remember now all of the little moles and things that have been removed over the years and I have never had a winner (the big C) luckily.

The good news is that the ENT confirmed what my GP said – this one most likely will not be a winner either. But, it still needs to come off and this one will effect my speech for up to a week so we penciled it in for Friday, May 11th so I can deal with the worst of it over the weekend. This one was caused by an injury. I apparently bit my tongue sometime around Christmas. I always knew that Christmas ham was dangerous. So, scar tissue formed, blah, blah, blah. So annoying. I have to get numbed and sliced. It will be a hoot, I am certain. My family will appreciate the silence and will deem it a vacation week.

I can also get some botox when I go back because it appears to really cut down on stern looks. I think my face is sometimes frozen in a stern look so I need to look into this:

In coffee news, Keurig came out with ANOTHER coffee maker with different cups. They are doing this because the K-Cup patent is expiring. That should mean that K-Cups will come down in price a bit. I am currently drinking the Starbucks Breakfast Blend K-Cups. I can make a whole travel mug out of one K-Cup. I add two Splenda’s and two of these wonderful things:

Man, oh man, they are good.

That’s it. I have mangled the English language enough today. Break time is over. Back to work.