I don’t even know where to begin. I had Monday all calmly planned out. I had NO conference calls scheduled. I even almost had the kids to school on time. I could taste the iced coffee I was going to buy from Burger King on the way home when the roofers called – they had a cancellation and wanted to do my roof TODAY!

So, I got displaced suddenly from the home office with both crazy dogs and ended up at the auxiliary top secret backup home office location.

Look at that view! It’s suburban paradise. But, I forgot my coat so I froze for the first three hours. Then, the electric company shows up out of the blue at the auxiliary top secret backup home office location to put in brand new power poles! Isn’t that something that happens every day? So, they start drilling and everything is vibrating for two hours. The dogs go insane! And, the people at work must have been strung out on candy because they also seemed determined to drive me extra nuts today.

There is no escape from the craziness!!

And, to top it off, my parents call and they have termites in the house I grew up in. How many termites do they have? Thousands of dollars worth, of course!! I keep thinking, I already have plenty of stuff to worry about to keep me awake at night. Where will I fit this in? I think I have a free slot from 3 to 3:15AM to have nightmares about that.

I expected a meteor to land on the car for an encore but I finally made it safely back here and the roof is done and I am not leaving the comfort of the home office tomorrow for any reason whatsoever. I might not answer the phone. I might just hide under the covers all day.