Bite your tongue!

I had my return visit to the doctor today for “the procedure”.


Here’s the lowdown: sometime around Christmas, I apparently (I don’t remember) bit my tongue. 99% of these things heal back right. Mine did not. I ended up with scar tissue. So, this little bump protruded out and then I bit it again because it was sticking out a bit. It’s gone now after getting an injection, a snip, and some stiches.

It feels weird. It doesn’t really hurt – it just feels weird. And, the weird feeling makes me talk weird. It does get sore when I eat and the more sore it gets, the more weird talking gets. Things are supposed to be back to normal by Monday or Tuesday and I go back on Friday to have it checked and get the results of the biopsy though he feels pretty good that this is really nothing. I think it’s a “don’t sue us” deal.

So, I’m staying quieter than usual this weekend and everyone is pretty pleased about that.