Magnavox D8443 Power Player

This monster is so big that it takes up most of the kitchen table.
1_on table

It is a Magnavox D8443 Power Player. My father-in-law rescued it from the surplus pile at his school this week. Other than being gigantic, it has another surprise – it is also a shortwave radio covering 2.3 to 21.7 megahertz.

That’s right – it’s a boom box from the early 80’s that covers most of the shortwave band and does it quite well. The radio has fantastic shortwave reception – it’s as good as my Eton G5 and, thanks to the huge speakers, sounds much better. AM reception is also fantastic. Surprisingly, FM is just average. This is not an FM DX machine as only the local stations come in. I’m actually a bit surprised, considering that the AM and Shortwave band reception is above average on this radio.

It still needs more cleaning. The volume knob is really scratchy and not connecting well at all. There are quite a few knobs to clean on this radio so it’s going to take a little time.

Of course, after almost 30 years in service at the school library, it’s not in perfect shape. The hydraulic cassette tape eject no longer works so you have to press eject and pry open the door with a screwdriver.

The antenna was snapped off so I had to buy a replacement at Radio Shack and ended up stripping the screw in the process (ugh!). There are also lots of little dings and scratches.

But, it’s cool – like really early 80’s Miami Vice cool. I can only imagine how much this thing cost new. I did have a Magnavox radio growing up but it was a one speaker (mono) model that was much, much, much smaller.

This radio is a winner and I expect even better results once all of the knobs are cleaned up. If I ever decide to go into breakdancing as a career, this will be my go-to radio.
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  1. I paid $129.00 for one of these at Sears in 1985.


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