1 week until vacation

For the last few months (and really since last summer), I had been focused on making a return trip to Pensacola Beach for our vacation next week. Ah, the beach.
pen beach_september

I could live at the beach year round. I find it magical. I could sit on the sand all day long, reading my Nook, with occasional trips down to the water. Maybe I could get a waterproof Nook and just sit in the water all day.

But, the kids have no desire to sit on the beach all day for three or four days. They want to do things. Sure, there is miniature golf on Pensacola Beach. Sure there is stuff to do around Pensacola.

So, it occurred to me (us – family vote) that Pensacola Beach is more of a “grown up” trip and probably not that kid friendly or economical right now. That’s why were heading to St. Louis.

Yep, St. Louis – the vacation haven of middle America (or Amercia, as Mitt Romney calls it). I’ve been there for work but never for “leisure”.

They are supposed to have a fantastic zoo.

They have a really big tribute to McDonalds (even thought it’s only half finished).

There is also Grant’s Farm and the St. Louis City Museum which both seem to be very kid friendly. Also, I have enough hotel points after my years on the road to make this stay free at a Hampton Inn with an indoor pool. Down at the beach, I would have only had one free night since it takes a million points to stay on the beach.

So, we’ll be driving 6 hours northwest instead of 8 hours south next week. The beach will just have to wait a bit longer.