St. Louis – Day 2

I took 140 pictures at the Zoo. That might be a low number for some people but it’s quite a feat for me.

We stayed there for almost 7 hours. I can’t even being to describe everything we saw. It was a bit overwhelming. And, it was a bit hot. Just ask our new friend Al. I can’t remember his last name.

I told the elephant a few old jokes that he seemed to enjoy.
3_laughing elephant

We ended up being swarmed by butterflies at the butterfly house.

The penguin thought we had fish in our pockets. Sadly, we didn’t. He also wouldn’t fit in my backpack so he won’t be coming home with us.

This owl freaked me out. I think he stared into my soul. I blinked first, of course.

We topped off the evening with another fattening and totally excellent meal. It’s going to be difficult when we have to go back to Krystals and Waffle House.

We’ll spend most of the day indoors tomorrow as we start off at the City Museum downtown.