St. Louis – Day 3

We started out at the City Museum. It’s basically a gigantic playground for kids. A big part of the playground is on the roof.
27_roof top stuff

See that bus up there? You can walk onto that bus and look down and try not to lose your breakfast.

Lindsay went right to the drivers seat. Not me.
4_lindsay bus

There is also a lot of stuff inside – like the world’s largest underwear.
8_me underware

The kids also managed to get me on to this gigantic slide. I had to climb all the way up to the top before I could come down. I can’t really show how high it is (maybe 5 stories?). At the very top you crawl over to the slide in this tube and can see clearly all the way down. I DID NOT LOOK DOWN AT ALL. It was bad enough not looking down. I would probably still be up there refusing to budge if I had looked.
16_crazy high kids

The kids went two more times. I stayed safely on the ground.
25_big ramp

We also walked a million blocks over to the City Garden.

We walked another 50 miles (at least it felt like 50 miles) to Union Station where the mall is pretty much deserted but we had excellent seafood.

Tomorrow is it. We visit the Butterfly House before we depart. We’re stopping in Metropolis, Illinois for a picture in front of Superman. And then we return home to our nice soft beds and obnoxious dogs.