St. Louis– Day 4

Today was mostly about driving. We did visit the Butterfly House that was pretty close to our hotel before we left.

The drive was long and pretty boring. Most of it looked just like this.

I have to admit that I was pretty happy when I saw this sign. Unfortunately, we were still hours from home.

We did make a special excursion off of the interstate to visit Metropolis, Illinois. It’s the home of the world’s tallest man carrying groceries.

Metropolis is prepared for the fallout from the atomic wars that Dr. Emmett Brown warned us all about.

Of course, our main reason for driving into Metropolis was to get this picture:

It was a good way to end the vacation. Too bad we had to jump back in the car and drive another 3 and a half hours. The real end of the vacation was coming home, unpacking, washing all of the bug bodies off the car, and then washing all of the dirty clothes.

It was a good trip but it’s good to be home.