Vacation begins at home

Before we tear off to Missouri, I went home for the day.

Sometimes my trips end up like this:

I changed some light bulbs (“Both bulbs went out so I just started using a flashlight in the bathroom”). I examined my parents computers for problems. I fixed the annoying double-spacing that is the default in Microsoft Word (“Why is it doing that?”). I went to the grocery store and forgot to get the People magazine
Just like old times.

It was one of those days where everything seemed OK. Those are the days I get worried because the weird things always sneak up on you when you get comfortable. I had a front seat ticket to that with my grandparents. It’s the sort of stuff that wakes you up at night and makes you shudder when a phone call comes at an odd time. It’s been doing that to me for the last five years.

But, today was good.