A break from the heat?

Our almost two week run of 100 degree-plus weather (105 yesterday) is supposed to start coming to an end today with a high of just 98 followed by a week of rain and highs in the 80’s. It will feel positively like fall here. We need the relief quick. I’m not sure how much longer the AC unit can handle this. I also have fans running in every room of the house trying to keep the cooler (barely) air moving around.

As hard as we have worked to keep the house comfortable, there is nothing I could do for the yard.

I could have watered every day but that is a huge waste of water and it means I would be the only idiot on the street mowing when it’s 110 degrees.

I did water the tomatoes often so we have a green patch in one part of the yard but they basically have stopped producing anything so I guess it didn’t help much.

That tiny sprinkler in the picture came from QVC and it is amazing. It is adjustable beyond belief – notice how the right side is watered more than the left side?  It also has a timer on it so you can set it to water for up to 120 minutes and then it turns off. I just love yard gadgets.

With the heat going away, I’m now a bit concerned that we might move directly into fall as we did a few years back. The cool weather came in so early that we couldn’t go to the pool after the first week of August and we were frozen by October. My snow shovel sits in the garage taunting me and reminding me that the weather works in mysterious ways.