Looking back at Canada Day over the years

This Canada Day is quite unique due to this:


It’s been 105 or higher every day since Thursday. This is why, for just the second time I can remember, we are not having a cookout tonight. It’s insanely hot so there will be no volleyball, swimming, etc. In fact, cooking outdoors is part of the burning ban we are now under. Amazingly, fireworks is not. I plan on guarding my house Wednesday night with a garden hose.

I do intend to get the flag out sometime before sunset (as soon as it cools down to 100). We will be watching the Canada Day celebration on TV as we always do via the power of the internet. I hope we have much better weather next year so we can do this up right and eventually make it up to Canada to see all of this in person.

Since we’re stuck indoors this year, here are some pictures from our previous Canada Day cookouts. Oh, if you are wondering why non-Canadians celebrate Canada Day way down here in Tennessee, I explained it once a while ago.

This from last year on Canada Day. Look at all of that grass! We must have had rain last year because there is no grass to be found this year. Even the weeds have given up.

2011 back

We even decorated the front yard in 2010. The neighbors obviously think we’re nuts.

2010 front

We had a pool in 2009 but it was so cool that I don’t think the kids were able to get into it. I miss cool weather!

2009 flag

In 2008, we really went nuts.

2008 house

2008 table


Happy Canada Day!