Staycation Wednesday

We spent our staycation day at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville. The kids have been there on field trips. I went there on field trips when I was a kid. After almost 30 years, I still recognized a few things. For example, this used to be on the first floor and was pretty fascinating back in ‘79 or ‘80. I didn’t see anyone go near it today.

gravity well

Unfortunately, the old lunar lander game is also gone. Kids today probably wouldn’t have the patience for it.


The kids did enjoy the moonwalk.


So did this crazy guy. Every time he was pulled up, he made all sorts of karate kick moves and furthered stereotypes in the process.


I discovered a solution to my fat problem. I just need to move to the moon.


We also saw a perfect use for an old Pontiac Fiero. How many people does it take to lift a lemon?


The kids convinced me, yet again, to climb of a tower on nonsense and slide most of the way back down. I’m getting too old/out of shape/fat for this stuff.


How will we top today? Tomorrow we are planning on a day at Opry Mills and possibly Opryland Hotel. I also have coupons for mini golf. I know it’s not Disney World but it will have to do.