I missed a few days

It’s been very busy. That’s my excuse. Sara (my oldest) had a birthday yesterday and we had to have her whole crew/posse/whatever the kids call it now over in our backyard. Why kids like standing around in a backyard for three hours is beyond me but they seemed to enjoy it. We certainly put enough work into getting everything set up.

I think we worked on getting things ready for this all week. It seems like there is always something to do. I still have to clean up the firepit after I get done writing this but that is the last thing. Today is Halloween and we have no candy to pass out so obviously we’re going to have to keep the lights off and hide in the back of the house. I tried that last year and it worked wonderfully.

In hospital news, not much has changed. I think my mother is hanging in there and just needs to get over the hump of getting off the respirator. It’s a numbers game. There are so many different things the doctors are monitoring and all of them are slowly improving. But it’s going to take time. The improvement comes in very small steps. I know I would be going nuts just laying there all day.