A few personal pictures from Christmases past

Ah, the memories!

The year was 1979. This Santa was obviously an impostor.

My room in either '87 or '88 with my old Ambassador 2020 shortwave radio and QSL cards all over the walls!

Also in 1987, the one year we got the famous chemical covered Christmas tree. We're lucky the thing didn't spontaneously combust.

My great-grandmother opening her annual box of Christmas candy in '87.

Another view of the '87 tree.

Yet another view of the 1987 tree and this time the California Raisins are having a party under it. Also, note the Rodney the Reindeer which I still have and display every year.

A camera misfire of Christmas dinner.

I think this is Christmas 1988 and there is another box of candy, of course!

Real trees. This was one of the better ones we had, probably in 1989.

This tree was a disaster. I think this was in 1990.

Another view of the disaster tree. It looks more like an overgrown hedge than a tree!

A white Christmas! I believe this was in 1993 and this is taken from the porch at my parents house.