An appreciation: Doris Roberts

Don’t let a suitcase filled with cheese be your big fork and spoon.
Doris Roberts leaves behind a legacy of comedy. It feels like she was on television every step of the way as I grew up, first on “Angie” and then on “Remington Steele” and finally on “Everybody Loves Raymond” and she popped up on all sorts of shows and movies in between. She was everywhere and no wonder – she could do anything. I think great television writers get to write great television parts when they are lucky enough to find an actor who can take what is on the page and make it even greater. Doris Roberts was that kind of actor.
One of my absolute favorite episodes of any television show is an episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” from Season 7. The title is “Baggage” and the two scenes below made me feel like I was back in my childhood home again. There is a big wooden “M” in my mother’s kitchen that has been up as long as I remember and I am guessing that removing it would lead to the same result that Marie gets when she tries to remove the big fork and spoon.
Both of these clips are just a small example of what I loved about Doris Roberts. We’ve lost a great actor today.