Here goes nothing

I got a domain. I said I wouldn't and then I did.

I got a Twitter. I said I wouldn't and then I did.

In my defense, the Twitter is locked down and is not being used. I grab this stuff just so other people don't end up with it. I don't do it because I think people will steal my non-existent brand. I grab it just in case some time down the road I decide that I want to use Twitter. Maybe Twitter will be out of business by that time or maybe it will be owned by Verizon since they appear to be into collecting old, defunct websites now.

I am surprised that was available. I was sitting at the kitchen table trying to think of the absolutely simplest name for a blog and that was the winner. I didn't want it to be a play on words or something nonsensical or something tied into the podcast again like Up In This Blog was. I also didn't want the word "blog" in the name. "Blog" is so late 90's.

I am not tying this into my main Twitter account because I might come here and write ten times a day. Who knows. No one has time to read all of that. I am going to leave this out here just for me as a place to share whatever, whenever.