Morning rambling

This is where I typically update write these posts, sitting at the kitchen table to start the day (cup of coffee not shown but was just off to the left out of frame).

It's my morning routine. I come to the kitchen early (typically around 5:15am but some mornings a bit later) and fire up the Asus Transformer. I make my small breakfast and cup of coffee. I check my emails and respond to or resolve anything pressing. I open Microsoft Edge and right-click my Comics folder and choose OPEN ALL and the tabs come alive with the comics blogs and comics I read to start my day. After that, there is a quick glance at Twitter and then Feedly (which I am terribly behind on and will soon have to declare Feedly bankruptcy and just click all as read).

After this, I putter around and clean up whatever needs to be cleaned up. This morning I emptied the dishwasher and fed the dogs in between fixing early problems at work.

By this time, as I am about to click PUBLISH and send this out onto the interwebs, the morning is rolling along.

In other news...
Today is supposed to be the last day of the heat wave. The rain comes back tonight and tomorrow and we leave the near 100 weather behind for a while.

I've struggled with putting together a new episode of Up In This Brain this week. I've had too much other stuff going on and am too tired or disjointed to pick up the recorder when a little free time does pop up. Maybe next week, eh?